Intermittent cutting out on cold start

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Intermittent cutting out on cold start

Postby Bruce » Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:55 pm

Hi. I have a problem same as mentioned here

When the car is started in the morning, it runs for about 30-40 seconds then just dies. One time it did this when I was halfway down the street, but normally it's before I've left the driveway. It will start again but I have to crank it for quite a long time. It's touch and go whether the battery dies before the car starts again. Usually after starting again it will run fine.

When this first happened about 10-12 months ago, I took it to the mechanic but he could not reproduce it even after an overnight stay (it was happening fairly regular then). After getting it back the problem went away and hasn't come back until just recently. Now it is less frequent (about 1 in 5 morning starts). So far I've not had any problems at any other time, only first start of the day, but I'm worried it will get worse, especially since it can cut out dead even while driving. Very scary thing when you suddenly lose power steering.

Aside from the advice in the other thread, has anyone seen this before, or any ideas?
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Re: Intermittent cutting out on cold start

Postby toymaz » Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:11 pm

Hi Bruce
I had same or similar thing. Turned out to be thr non return valve on the non genuine fuel filter.
When it stalls and and wont start straight away. Pump the rubber primer bulb under the filter a dozen times ,if it starts easy, replace the fuel filter.
Mine was a simple fix, hope yours is too.
This is only first start , if it happens when your driving ,id be looking at possible suction control valve.
Filter is cheaper fix
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