Intermittent Brake Fault...Mechanic is stumped!!

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Intermittent Brake Fault...Mechanic is stumped!!

Postby RonnieSparkes » Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:51 am

Hi everyone,
Any advise on this would be very much appreciated.

About 6 months ago I bought a 2012 Pathfinder R51 TI550 second hand from my uncle. He has always looked after his cars, and had been serviced every 6 months by the Nissan Dealer on NSW Central Coast.

About 3 months ago the car randomly went into a brake fault whereby the (!) warning light illuminated and the brakes became very grabby when applied. This means it is difficult to stop smoothly and i'm sure reduces breaking efficiency.

Early on the issue went away when the car was switched off and on. As time continued, the issue became more prevalent and now happens each time the car is driven.
I should also mention, the car has been set up for towing a van and includes after market accessories such as 'Anderson' hot wiring plugs, 'Teckonsha' electronic brake module, 'Breaksafe' remote battery indicator and 12 pin wiring harness.

I took the car to my mechanic while in the fault mode and he was a bit stumped, he thought it may be wheel sensors putting it into ABS fault, an issue with the master cylinder or even a brake booster. After having the car for a day, he said he wasn't sure and recommended I take it to a dealer. Thankfully he didn't charge me any $$ as he hadn't fixed the problem.

Here starts the issue...Nissan first took it for a day, rang me the next day to say the issue was originating from the aftermarket towing accessories and disconnected the circuits under the drivers footwell which fixed it. Cost = $170

The next day, same issue again, so I rang them, they booked in for another day, rang me, told me the 12 pin trailer plug was causing the issue so they had disconnected the wiring from the rear right tail light. No cost was charged.

Two days later, same issue again. It appears the Nissan mechanics have no idea what they are looking for and my car now has more things disconnected than at the start and no fix to the problem.

Has anyone experienced this or similar...just hoping for advice before I ring Nissan and deal with the issue.

Happy New Year and Thanks.
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