Rear suspension air bags.

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Rear suspension air bags.

Postby GS MOTO » Fri Aug 03, 2018 8:59 pm

Hi Team. Haven't posted for ages as my 2012 R51 has been a dream tow rig without any issues :D . We have a new boat arriving mid September that I think will require help from airbags. Total tow weight will be close to the 3T max. Any recommendations for brand/type would be a huge help considering how many options there are out there. Also have had comments that the genuine Nissan towbar isn't the best for 3T towing? Any truth in that one? (Thats what we've got fitted)
Cheers, Greg.
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Re: Rear suspension air bags.

Postby DarekD » Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:31 pm

Hi Greg,

I have installed mine from new, Airbag Man. Those are Firestone that you can buy from the US for less if you like. I tow a 2 tonne van and pump them up to 30-35 PSI for towing and given up on sway springs. I can tow at speed limit in any weather. 10-12 PSI for normal driving and about 20 when I have a load on on seven people. Had same on the Jeep GC and done The Simpson, Gulf and much more without a single problem. Jeep had HD springs so I kept the bags at the minimum 5 PSA and it was still bouncy at the back without load. This one is on factory springs and I can adjust stiffness as needed. For long highway drives with light load I put 15-18 in for better handling. But I drive mine like a sport car so I like it stiff.

I have also gone for 265/75 16" tyres instead of a lift (Michelin LTX AT2). This gives me 20mm lift, larger rolling diameter and almost true speedo reading without changing half axle angles. You should never lift independent suspension - look up some of my other posts. I wanted one on 16" tyres as I do fair amount of sand driving and this gives me higher side wall. Also read something like the ... SSURES.pdf
and adjust the pressure as required for both car and trailer. Always use LT rated tyres if you towing, always please.

Nissan tow bar is a HR (Hayman Reese) 3 tonne for ST/STL and HR 3.5 tonne for the V6. If you can, have the 3.5 tonne installed. You still limited by the car 3t capacity for 4 cylinder ones but the 3t ones had some problems. I had a towbar mob install mine and they would not even sell the 3t ones because of some issue. Nissan was fitting 3t ones as that is what the spec. Just found an invoice - Arrow caravans and towbars in Virginia, Brisbane, $596 in Feb 2014. If you call them they may be able to explain why 3.5t is better, I can't remember and don't want to make anything up. Plus the Nissan one was more from memory.

Let me know when you going to Whitsundays. How big is our new boat? There are only two of us.
Good luck
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Re: Rear suspension air bags.

Postby GS MOTO » Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:21 pm

Hi Darek. Great info there mate. Had my eye on the Airbag Man kit from day one. Would love the onboard control system!!! You should be getting commission with a review like that one. Will be going with them I think. I fitted the genuine Nissan bar myself and was a bit dubious about the 'minimal' mounting hardware. Bar/ball/loom $350 delivered. Im due for tyres and will take the LT suggestion onboard!!! The new tub is 7.2m but unfortunately we wont be up your way unless we win xlotto!!!
Thanks again,
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