Engine rattles on start up

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Engine rattles on start up

Postby natrob18 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:26 pm

Upon on starting my vehicle v6 4.0l R51 Auto, the engine would sound rattly and very poor. Took it to my local Nissna Dealer and was told this is common.
but i was having a Code 1283. Nissan recommended replacing the cat convertors.
So i ordered 2 new rear cats from EBAY, for $325.00 each and fitted them myself.
Very easy to fit, but what i found was that 1 cat had all the internal removed and the other cat's internal were loose and rattling.
Engine Noise is now gone! The cat's were not providing enough back pressure to the engine. therefore creating an engine rattle.
So since buying my pathfinder for $7,000- i have spent another $11,000 on it.(total so far over $18,000 on this car)
Recon. Engine, and issue after issue.
I think the only issue i have left on this car is the right hand rear door actuator faulty.
$500 repair.

I hope i have finally finished with the issues from this car....Would i recommend buying a Nissan again...NOPE , did i buy another Nissan..NOPE. I purchased a brand new ISUZU MUX. I have the Nissan still, but would never ever buy another one.
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