Extra rear anchor points- roof, floor and sides

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Extra rear anchor points- roof, floor and sides

Postby Ian R51 » Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:56 pm

Hi all

I'm wanting to put some extra anchor points in the back of my r51 and was hoping someone might have some idea what is hiding under the trim panels and roof liner before I rip it all apart. My car has 4 mounts in the floor (2 on each side) and I have noticed that when I pulled the driver side interior panel out to work on the dual battery that there is another space for another anchor in the middle of each side.

Ideally what I'm after are some spots for anchors in the roof or c panel to mount a webbing cargo barrier and also some more anchors in the roof near the boot to allow me to put a roof mounted cargo net. I guess if there isn't already some threaded holes I'd settle for some double skinned panels that I could put some rivnuts in.

Does anyone have a picture of and r51 rod with the roofliner removed?

Ian R51
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